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Commen terms

A large flame caused by the oral ejection of combustible liquid over an ignition source
The Dragon is the person blowing the fireball
Flame front
This is the location on the ejected fuel stream the flames begin
The person holding the ignition source for the Dragon
Liquid fire
A flammable liquid used as fuel for blowing fireballs
A drink to rinse one's mouth after doing a fireball
21 Fireball Salute
Three sets of 7 simultaneous fireballs given to someone as recognition in the highest honer

Terms for mistakes

Failed shot
An attempt at a fireball that doesn't work. The most commen failed shot is a flame out
Flame out
Quenching the ignition source. This is usually the result of a concentrated fuel stream hitting the ignition source. Could also be the result of a weak ignition source simply blown out by the force of the ejected fuel stream
Fire from flame front going into the Dragon's nose. This is caused when the flame front is too close to the Dragon's face, which is usually the result of being too close to the ignition source. Expelling liquid out the mouth causes air to be pulled in through the noise. When in close proximity to flame front, this includes pulling in combusting gasses. This is both painful and dangerous.

Classes of Dragons

Someone who's never blown a fireball
Master Dragon
A dragon who's well practiced in the art of blowing fireballs. The title is obtained by their ability to blow spectacular fireballs as judged by onlookers.
Derogatory title for those who have burned their face attempting a fireball because their face peels
Burny club
Term for the group of people who have been burned attempting fireballs
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