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The aftermath of the first time this chair started on fire. Note the burn marks on the floor as well. Eventually, this chair was unusable due to the extensive burning.
Taken by Crystal

Flame-out. This occurs when the too much liquid hits the ignition source, either by the Dragon being too close, or not creating a find enough mist. Liquid fuel will quench the flame of the fuel source as only fuel vapor burns. The only risk of flame-out is unburned fuel falling to the ground, where is could ignite.

This is the wooden frame of a couch on fire after a overly fuel rich fireball. The cushions have been removed and there was likely little damage from this fire, despite the looks of it. None the less, fires like this are likely to result from blowing fireballs indoors. This fire was likely extinguished with wet towels.

This is "backdraft"-- fire going into the noise. This is caused by being too close to the ignition source (visible in the lower left). Expelling liquid out the mouth causes air to be pulled in through the noise. This leads to the risk of inhaling burning gasses.

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