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Various mistakes made in attempting fireballs

There are three flames in this picture. The dark flames in the center are the remnants of the fireball; airborne and no threat. The bright flame center bottom is the ignition source; also no threat. Just to the left of the ignition source are darker flames. This is the wall on fire. This shot was very rich, causing unburned fuel to hit the wall and start it on fire.

Too close! The flame front it right in the Dragon's face, which is likely burning off facial hair (or worse). There is also the potential of backdraft-- inhaling the flames.

This shot is failing. If you look closely, you can see a stream of liquid coming from his mouth, and it's falling short of the ignition source. This fuel will fall to the ground and on his face and clothing, where it presents of the danger of igniting. The reason this shot has failed is the Dragon is not expelling the fuel fast enough. This may have happened because the Dragon coughed or gaged on the shot, which is always a risk. If you are feeling you have to cough or are gaging on the shot, spit it out away from the flame immediately. Whatever you do, don't swallow the shot! It could cause your esophagus to swell up and make you unable to breath.
Taken by Que

Flame-out. This occurs when the too much liquid hits the ignition source, either by the Dragon being too close, or not creating a find enough mist. Liquid fuel will quench the flame of the fuel source as only fuel vapor burns. The only risk of flame-out is unburned fuel falling to the ground, where is could ignite.

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